The home of Canada’s premier cannabis brands.

From Kelowna to Toronto to Montreal, we have searched the country to curate a truly unique collection of well-loved offerings.

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Our Brands

For the die-hards. For the food lovers. For the performance-driven. Our brands reflect the spirit of the places they come from. Each with its own vision. Each carefully selected for its years of experience in the cannabis market and their loyal following of devotees.


Anyone who pushes themselves is no stranger to hurt. Blessed coined the ‘train, treat, repeat’ philosophy to promote progress, proper recovery, and sprinkled donuts — or, however you choose to treat yourself post-workout.


Calla is cannabis for all. For every mood, every scene, and every one. Cultivated by the pros at Little Farma, Blessed, and flir, we offer the perfect blend for the perfect moment– wherever and whatever that might be.


Epicurean cannabis products for a discerning food-forward audience, flir tastes as good as it looks.

Little Farma

Out of the woods and into weed. Little Farma is born of a deep appreciation for the environment paired with dedication to innovation.



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