Our Story

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We have always believed in the wonder of discovery. That’s why we curated the best and most trusted legacy market brands and founders from coast to coast and brought them to our gallery.

Our Founders

Angelina Blessed

Angelina is the epitome of a pro athlete turned brand founder with a knack for precision. As a Muaythai fighter who spent 15 years training and competing in Thailand and Canada, and one of the first Canadian females to fight Muaythai in China, she understands firsthand the importance of proper recovery. Angelina noticed the market was lacking edibles with low or no sugar or keta options. She created Blessed for those who push their bodies to the max and crave a recovery process that isn’t processed. With products designed with the active in mind, the company is a reflection of her lifestyle. In her spare time, you’ll find her floating, running, getting tattooed, training, and helping her friends heal.

Riley Starr

A lifelong Montrealer, Riley got his start working summers as a bicycle mechanic in Mile-End. After completing his training as a carpenter, he spent his early twenties remodeling turn-of-the-century townhouses across the city. While he's always made a living working with his hands, his passion has always been for food and drink — whether it's tending a fragile sourdough culture, curing Parma ham, or brewing beer, a hobby that eventually became a nearly decade-long career managing production at several local brewpubs.

His love of cannabis eventually brought that same sensibility to a craft that he saw struggling for culinary respectability. After training under an artisan chocolatier in Chambly, Quebec, and applying his palette for craft beverage to formulating infused sodas, he founded flir as a way to celebrate exceptional ingredients alongside the experience of cannabis edibles.

Dome Duong

Dome Duong is an entrepreneur, Chartered Professional Accountant, and fractional CFO to cannabis businesses. He's been involved in the burgeoning cannabis industry since 2014 which led him to become one of the co-founders of Little Farma. Since that time, his passion for the cannabis industry has also led him to become co-founders of other Canadian and US-based cannabis businesses involved in cultivation, manufacturing, and retail.

In his professional life, Dome is currently a partner and CFO of a boutique CPA accounting firm with a specialization in the cannabis industry. He regularly advises and consults with cannabis entrepreneurs, and from those experiences, he is publishing a book in 2020.

Dome graduated from the University of Alberta School of Business in 2006 and received his Chartered Accountant designation shortly thereafter. He is also expected to complete his Queens EMBA by 2021.

Outside of his busy schedule, Dome slows down and spends quality time with his wife and two children.