The Impetus of Angelina Blessed

Impetus: 1a

(1) : a driving force : impulse. 

(2) : incentive, stimulus. 

b : stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity.

The drive within Angelina Blessed’s body to accomplish, achieve and overcome is incomparable. Over the last few months, a group of students from Ryerson university have been spending quality time training and treating with Angelina Blessed and documenting her impetusAngelina Blessed

Angelina Blessed

They’ve had an opportunity to see into her day to day life, coaching regime and relationship with cannabis as both a tool in her training and recovery.

What Angelina’s tattooed face breaking exterior doesn’t immediately communicate is how big her heart is.

Angelina Blessed

Angelina Blessed

One of Angelina’s strongest driving forces has been to provide for the humans around her. She is a human who loves to a fault.

And one of her love languages is cannabis.

Angelina Blessed

Whether it’s professional athletes, arthritic 80 year olds or RCMP officers, humans from all walks of life have turned to Angelina and Blessed Edibles in moments of suffering and desperation. And she has always been there with open arms, an attentive ear and a big pink donut.

Who knew a pink sprinkle donut could be such a symbol of healing and love? Angelina did. 

Angelina is a human that has gone through the process of finding and forming her own family; and she now has quite a few.

Her Muay Thai family keeps her strong and safe. They stand behind her, next to her, but also directly in front of her; challenging her to step up.

Angelina Blessed Elias Theodorou

Her cannabis family keeps her grounded and whole. They breathe with her, cry with her, laugh with her and allow her to be soft, small and silly when the time is right.

Angelina Blessed

Angelina challenges what it means to be a stoner, an athlete, a female CEO and breaks out of pretty much every other box someone could think to put her in. 

Very frequently you’ll see Angelina drenched in sweat with red lipstick on (and an edible in her mouth) - her highest form. 

Angelina Blessed