Best Edibles Dosage For Beginners

We all have that one story (or maybe a few) about the time we took too many edibles. “I don’t feel anything” will go down in history as most first-timers’ famous last words before they plummet into the couch-locked abyss from which they assume they’ll never return. But not you. You’re here because you don’t want to be one of those people. Or, you’re in edibles recovery, ready to try again with a better understanding of what not to do.

If you understand how cannabis-infused edibles work in your body and are smart about consumption tactics, it’s an ideal option for those who want to avoid inhalation but still experience the benefits of cannabis. There is nothing to fear when you know what you’re doing!

Angelina Blessed, founder of Blesseda cannabis edibles company with a focus on athletessays she loves the ability to facilitate exactly the level of milligrams she would like to feel, as well as consume in a non-carcenogenic way.

“I really love the ability edibles gives me to medicate in the exact way I want, from full recovery relaxation to microdosing for training,” she says.

How edibles work in the body

No resource on the best edibles dosage for beginners can neglect to mention tolerance levels and metabolism.

The biggest difference between smoking and eating edibles, Blessed explains, is that when you smoke cannabis, it goes into your lungs and takes about 90 seconds to get into your bloodstream. This means you feel the effects almost immediately.

“But when you eat edibles, there are many factors involved, the edible has to make its way through your stomach and have your liver break it down and metabolize it,” says Blessed. “Other factors could include, whether the edibles were made with the best bioavailability, what you have eaten that day, and how hydrated you are.”

Because an edible is absorbed through the stomach and has to pass through the intestine before making it’s way to the liver (which breaks down the THC and allows it to enter the bloodstream), the entire process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. That’s right: two hours!

By the time you’re high, you might have forgotten you ate something at all. Suddenly, the walls are melting and the birds are trying to communicate with you
just kidding, birds don’t care what you think. The point is, it’s entirely possible you do end up waiting long enough to borderline forget. This is important to note for one very, super mega important reason: you probably shouldn’t eat more.

You probably shouldn’t eat more

The high lasts much longer and feels more powerful when it’s eaten. Since edibles bind to fats in the body, you might feel the effects anywhere from eight to even 10 hours. If you are inexperienced, you might find this a hindrance to things like going out in public or holding a conversation with someone who isn’t high.

When experimenting with edibles to find the dose that’s right for you, carve out some time to cycle through the wheel of sensations. In the off-chance you find it difficult to act like a human, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress if you don’t have to pretend you aren’t as high as a kite.

Edibles produce more physical sensations while smoking generally causes more psychoactive sensations. Think of it as a body high versus a head high. This means you’ll feel nice and wiggly in your meat suit, or maybe even like you weigh nothing at all. It’s no surprise that edibles are a preferred intake method for people before bed who are hoping for a long, deep sleep. Snuggling into a cozy bed and knowing you’re about to experience full-body relaxation without obligation is heavenly.

Oh, and whether asleep or awake on edibles, definitely don’t drive.

Start low, go slow

You’ve heard this before, right, right!? It’s basically the motto for cannabis newbies everywhere. It’s been hammered into our brains for so many years that it’s starting to get cliche status: overused and losing impact.

In that case, let’s break it down differently. When considering the best edibles dosage for beginners...

What does “low” actually mean?

Some say 2.5-5 mg for your first time, and others say 10 mg. To that, I reply: are you crazy? You can always do more but you can never do less. Maybe that should be the motto.

Take 2.5 or 5 mg and then wait two hours or until you feel the effects, knowing that you will keep going higher at the onset. Only then layer on additional milligrams.

Half the fun of edibles is the anticipation. When will it kick in? Am I already high? How do birds know sign language? Whatever. If that anticipation is substituted by dread because you popped a 10 mg in your mouth and then your mom called to confirm brunch in an hour, you are strapped in for a strange day, my friend.

A bad edibles experience is basically an equation of ignorance plus impatience.

Do you know what a great word to keep in mind is? Nibble. That’s right, like a little mouse. N-I-B-B-L-E. That cookie, while it may be delicious, could be a death trap (not literally) if you get carried away and that innocent nibble turns into big greedy bites over the course of thirty minutes because you’re being all presumptuous about the effects.

That tasty treat? Respect it. It’s full of THC and insights, wobbly worlds, hilarious realizations, and the best run of your life, potentially. But you must be ready to receive its delicious gift. If you’re not, you’ll feel over your head and way too in your head. 

The best edibles dosage for beginners is a combination of patience, time, and a low start, at least.