• The Impetus of Angelina Blessed

    Impetus: 1a (1) : a driving force : impulse.  (2) : incentive, stimulus.  b : stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity. The drive within Angelina Blessed’s body to accomplish, achieve and overcome is incomparable. Over the last few months,...
  • Cannabis For Pain and Inflammation

    Sometimes the best feeling is no feeling at all. As soon as the body is in pain, the mind zeroes in and it’s hard to do much else: sleep, workout, or simply enjoy the day. Over the years, research has shown increasing promise of cannabis’s benefits to treat chronic pain--and that’s good news for athletes. 
  • Cannabis: Edibles, Smoking, or Vaping

    Customize your cannabis experience by choosing one of the many wonderful ways to enjoy it. Whether you want the slow build-up of an edible or the subtle taste of terpenes and quick effects of inhalation, it’s important to know what makes each of these ingest methods unique. The bottom line? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to consuming cannabis
  • The History Of Cannabis

    Cannabis has been used for longer than it’s been legal. Since the end of cannabis prohibition in Canada in 2018, the market continues to find its footing. This hasn’t been without challenges, but it nonetheless represents a huge step forward. 
  • Best Edibles Dosage For Beginners

    We all have that one story (or maybe a few) about the time we took too many edibles. “I don’t...
  • How To Make Cannabis Tea

    As we enter into the colder seasons, it’s going to be crucial (perhaps now more than ever!) to make your...
  • What Gives Different Cannabis Strains Different Tastes

    What does weed taste like? Ask anyone who is a regular consumer, or even someone trying it for the first...